Thursday, August 21, 2008

Staples (not in paper)

Here is what can be found in my make-up bag. I am truly useless when it comes to cosmetics, but these are the basics that I use when I wear make-up (from left to right).

1. Bath & Body Works Brown Sugar & Fig body splash (any product in this scent is scrumptious)
2. Revlon Pinking of You blush
3. Physicians Formula Healthy Glow Bronzer
4. Multiple brushes
5. Maybelline Ebony Black eye pencil
6. O.P.I. Red Hot Ayers Rock nail polish
7. MAC Carbon eye shadow
8. MAC Amber Lights eye shadow
9. MAC Shroom eye shadow (this shade is my long time favourite)
10. Nivea Pearl and Shine lip balm
11. Maybelline Great Lash Blackest Black mascara with curved brush
12. Tweezers and nail clippers

In a league of its own is my facial moisturizer. Skyn Iceland's The Antidote is by far the best day moisturizer I have ever come across. It is some serious joy in a bottle. I haven't used many of their other products since the only place I have access to this line in Canada is at Holt's, but I am sure they are just as fabulous.

My beloved Eddie Bauer fragrance Balance, which has recently been discontinued, was and still is the best smelling ladies perfume (as a result, I have loyally used it for the past 9 years). I know what you're thinking, "Eddie Bauer perfume? You probably smell like an old lady or a forest lumberjack." Seriously, it is a very magical scent, and I smell like neither the former or later.

Thanks for reading about a few of my favourite things...what are a few of your favourite things?

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