Friday, January 20, 2012


Again, I have been neglecting my Ego(tist). However, in emphasizing quality over quantity, I am excited to share an artist named Ami Dang, who I recently met while travelling in India. I particularly enjoyed track 4, A Strange Community, which fuses tribal sounds, drum beats, vocals and synth. Listen below.

Hukam by Ami Dang

As for a quick update on my first month of six in India:

- I have learned that dental floss, coffee, sex (masterbation may satisfice), a nap or aspirin can cure just about anything

- one of the great things about India is that your shit doesn't smell like shit, because everything already smells like shit (or cardamon, or sewage, or tar, or burning garbage) 

- I will be heading to Sadhana Forest in Auroville by the first week of February, and staying there for at least one month (this is cultivating some tremendous excitement for me!) 

This country is dynamic and gorgeous, and I cannot wait to encounter more adventures here.