Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I listen to bands that don't even exist yet.

Found a couple cool sites that cover the same type of theme, basically daily/weekly t-shirts from designers/artists who send in submissions in hopes their designs will make it to be printed and sold. The t-shirt ideas range from artistic to humourous, political to mildly offensive. Check out Threadless or Shirt.Woot. I think Tony could send in some awesome designs for this (he is supremely talented!), and the reward is pretty decent if the submission is chosen. Must mention this to him when he returns from the rig.

(I would love the irony of wearing this print on a tee considering I don't eat meat)

Moo is also pretty rad, a printing company based out of London, England that makes some interesting products in neat little packaging. I am considering ordering the "MiniCards" and possibly uploading outfit photos or single clothing items on each one so I can always have quick outfit ideas on hand, or reminders of what I actually have in my closet (I often forget, especially if I am under time constraints!). $19.99 seems very cheap for 100 cards, and the big "FROM" before that price really got my suspicions up. However, when poking around on the website, I found that $19.99 was the price for ordering one 100 pack, and that the price goes down if you order more than one. Seems too good to be true; NTS...Must delve into this issue further and upload some photos.


Chris said...

I check into threadless now and then. A couple of the designs that I've been into have been sold out. Too bad. How did the surgery go? See you in a couple weeks!

Anonymous said...


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