Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Overemphasized Architecture

As I mentioned previously, here are some photos of my new Winter coat;I immediately fell in love with the architectural style collar. It came in a brownish tweed as well, but after much deliberation, the classic black prevailed.

The collar style may not match the gorgeous Martin Grant stunner or the intensity of the Maison Martin Margiela collection, but it will do for me in accordance with my pathetic little budget.

The scary thing is, when I went outside to snap a couple of photos wearing this coat, I figured I would get pretty toasty considering it is Summer. Well, you never have to fear the heat in Canada. I was cold as hell, and I am worried I will need to start actually wearing this coat a lot sooner than later. Brrrrrrrr.

P.S. The explanation for the utter exhaustion plaguing my face in the photos= My addiction to the Olympics + the 12 hour time difference from here to Beijing.
...this combination is really taking its toll on my hours of sleep.

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