Sunday, August 10, 2008

Laughing Yellow Light

Life is so bizarre.
It is so odd how everyday our mindsets have the ability to change so rapidly.
One day we wake up so positive and feel great about life. The next day we wake up negative and without optimism, even though nothing much has changed from one day to the next.
Our minds play such tricks on us.
Or, when we look in the mirror and think we look adequate, and then the next day we look again only to find someone not so attractive staring back. Nothing has truly changed, yet to ourselves, we see an undeniable difference.
One day we feel so sure of something, and then, overnight our minds are morphed and somehow we doubt everything that we thought was so static.
Life is so bizarre.
* * * *

So, in terms of where I have been for the last month or so, Chictopia has been my productive outlet for all things fashion. It is a great online community or People's Fashion Destination full of "chic" individuals who give you honest feedback on outfits and style while at the same time allowing you to showcase your personal fashion ideas with photos, polls, comments, forums and countless other features. It is great for inspiring your inner creative side and getting an idea of what people are wearing all across the world, as seen in the Style Gallery photos. I find Chictopia much more rewarding than Facebook, which of course was entertaining in its own way as well but completely unnecessary (hence my deletion of it!). Anyways, lots of awesome people on Chictopia and a great way to spend a rainy afternoon and get inspired.

I am violently happy.

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