Sunday, August 17, 2008

Martha Stewart (minus the handcuffs)

I made a couple of picture frames out of rolled up magazine pages after seeing something similar at UO last weekend. They turned out okay and are kind of fun to make because you never can tell how a single magazine page will look when rolled up into a tube. May attempt to make ones with all the tubes the same solid colour, or out of patterned paper. G...E...E...K.

Also, I really must improve upon my cooking skills. Since I don't eat meat myself and haven't since I was 12, I have had no logical reason to learn how to cook the stuff (fish I am okay with since I started eating it a couple years ago while in Australia). It may be nice if I were able to cook something other than salads, steamed veggies and tilapia, even if it is for someone else other than myself. Not that I am looking to be Suzy Homemaker here, but it would be great to treat my family or boyfriend to a decent meal from time to time. Anyways, I wonder if there are some community cooking classes I can take that are très cheap around here. This item will be on the To Do list for tomorrow.

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