Friday, December 17, 2010

The Best Dozen Albums of 2010

Witch-house, glo-fi, doomstep, glitch-hop, drone. If nothing else, 2010 was a year of intergenre marriages that further tested the entire “music genre” entity, and had most music devotees annoyed with the clich├ęd questions of taxonomy. Notwithstanding its slightly electronic leaning tendency, this list is compiled of (what I believe to be) the overall best albums/EPs released in 2010. N.B. Best played LOUD.

1. Forest Swords- Dagger Paths

2. Mount Kimbie- Crooks and Lovers

3. Flying Lotus- Cosmogramma

4. Four Tet- There is Love in You

5. John Roberts- Glass Eights

6. The Black Angels- Phosphene Dream

7. Balam Acab- See Birds EP

8. James Blake- CMYK EP + Klavierwerke EP

9. Bonobo- Black Sands

10. Caribou- Swim

11. Pantha du Prince- Black Noise

12. Eleven Tigers- Clouds are Mountains

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A riddle

I am universal.
I make some people very wealthy.
I kill some people.
I make some people fit and strong.
Some people hate me.
Some people love me too much.
I am not a religious entity.