Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Premature Arousal

I get excited about senseless things, like chamomile with lemon verbena dryer sheets, and coloured file label letters. I like wandering aimlessly. I have a fondness for men who wear naturally ripped jeans, threadbare t-shirts, decades old brown leather belts, and thick beards that make them look twice their age. I have little faith in the permanence of anything. I take a keen interest in beautiful under priced clothing donated to the Goodwill too soon because the old woman who wore it last had an inopportune stroke or battle with cancer and passed on. I always wonder how some homes smell of fresh laundry from the sidewalk outside, yet other homes never smell like this, no matter how many loads of laundry are done. I admire those women who can wear heels religiously without thinking twice about it, even to do the grocery shopping. I would take brilliance and rationality over strict morals any day. I am often inappropriately dressed for appropriate occasions. I have difficulty with empathy, especially for those who are reckless with money, lazy, or just plain emotional basket-cases. Androgyny is sexy. If nothing else is true, this is: ignorance is bliss.

I am going to a pre-screening of Woody Allen's Vicky Cristina Barcelona tonight and am extremely excited! The film will not be released in theatres until Friday so I will report back with a preview report to let you know what I think before it opens. Also, I got a fabulous new winter jacket from Zara this weekend while in Toronto, and will be showcasing it here shortly. Stay tuned!

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