Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What's Up, Tiger Lily?

Call me trite, but Christ, I love Woody Allen. I seem to relate to male talent so much more than female. Fitzgerald, Posen, Klosterman...I feel so terribly guilty saying it, but I can't remember the last time I found something genuinely relative in a piece of work done by a woman. Alright, this was not the intended direction of this post so moving on... these excerpts from the Spanish Diary are yet another reason why I love Woody Allen. And, if I needed one more, his next film Whatever Works (out in 2009)stars Larry David. I have a feeling some authentic laughter will result from this comic Jewish duo (really, how could it not?).

In New York a couple of weeks ago, Zac Posen revealed his 2009 Spring collection, and as usual, it was marvelous. It was tough to choose which pieces I was most thrilled with, but the photos below showcase some of the best designs from the collection.

As a side note, I got accepted to the post-grad program I applied to at George Brown for HR Management. Considering the majority of my friends have recently made the move to Toronto, I am looking forward to moving there this January for school (as well as a few other various reasons including partying/shopping/live shows/getting the fuck out of London). Look out, here I come.

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Martha said...

i think you picked the best ones here i'm totally smitten with the dress in the third picture and the embelishments on the first dress are gorgeous and so detailed