Friday, July 4, 2008

Woody Allen's latest: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Alright, so new Woody Allen may not quite be what old Woody Allen was, but hey, I love the guy, and think his honest humour and realistic dialogue are funny as hell. His latest film, due out in August, seems like it may be on the mark (the last decade of Woody's films have been hit or miss). Take a little gander at the trailers below. The only problem I may have when watching this film is dissociating Javier Bardem from his role as a psychotic killing machine in No Country for Old Men.

I am not one for "rom-coms"; trust me, I would normally rather use a public toilet in Vancouver's DTES than waste an hour and a half of my life watching a typical romantic comedy. However, give me a Woody, and I'll break the genre barrier rules and watch. Time well spent.

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