Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Dull Sound of Sharp Math

Everyone's afraid of their own life
If you could be anything you want
I bet you'd be disappointed, am I right?
* * *

I have been feeling so alive and happy these days! I don't know quite what it is but the words 'fitter happier' sure do come to mind (not fitter in a literal sense, my untoned body is in terrible shape!). I am having laser eye surgery later this week, and will also be sending out my grad school applications to start school in Toronto this January. The exciting new online fashion community I have discovered has evolved into a wonderful little joy creating machine and never fails to keep me inspired. I watched the film Into the Wild and was incredibly impressed, which rarely happens with movies and me. (Happiness only real when shared.) I have the best relationship with my significant other and even after more than four years we never argue and things are as fresh as when we first met. I love my family (including my brother, so what if he is useless!), and am going to try to tell them this more often. I sometimes forget how much my dad has been through with his brain tumour and am so grateful I have him in my life. There are so many things in life that we need to embrace and appreciate, but so often don't stop to reflect upon. I think about the things I am unhappy about (mainly to do with my appearance) and it makes me feel so stupid and selfish. I have so much in this world and so much to look forward to in the future.

It's hard to remember, it's hard to remember
We're alive for the first time
It's hard to remember were alive for the last time
It's hard to remember, it's hard to remember
To live before you die.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are going so well LJ! So a fashion network is what took you from FB! Well you've definately made some good choices. (great pic) I'm starting to get a little tired of facebook as well. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks.