Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dill Swing

Sometimes life feels like this:

I was thinking today, just how much I love life. The sun overhead, on the back of a motorcycle, not a single encumbrance weighing on my conscience. I love my friends, I love the Summer, I love the vibrant busy-ness of my schedule, I love thinking about the future. I need to embrace and ingrain in myself this current sense of invulnerability to unhappiness or negative forces.

Our lives are never plateaus of emotion or experience, but when we are at either end of the happiness spectrum, we tend to forget this. Our current state bleeds into our entire memory of how the past was and how the future may be.

Everything, every activity, seems like an adventure to me right now; exploration and discovery are the essence of my thoughts and actions and ideas.

I must remember this feeling.


Eric Alder said...

You should write poetry... you've got the feelings, just not yet the form.

@ said...

Life is a never ending roll of tape.
You pick up a lot of crap.