Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I want to eat with my hands, and be nude, and stand still while the rest of the world spins and spins around me. I want to feel the earth, every corner of it. I want to see the way that leaf falls, or that boundary changes, or how the pattern that water makes is one of the most beautiful chaotic messes ever created. I want to enjoy, and appreciate the movements of bodies, my own and those of others. I want to lay under the sun, or rain, or clouds- and soak in all the things that people can't enjoy because they're too busy earning a living to pay for mounds of unnecessary garbage and a week of false solitude and relaxation. I want to feel intrigued forever.


joven said...

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Phil D.Machine said...

I like your writing. I like your words. I like your thoughts. Life is beautiful. Earth is magical. Wish I could see all of it before it's gone.

We should stop more often and think about the air we're breathing.

Thank you for sharing this...