Friday, February 5, 2010

Why it is Important to Read the Newspaper...

>>House arrest for coke-fuelled attack

A Sarnia man who bruised his spouse from head to toe during a cocaine-fuelled evening that ended with the naked couple struggling on a neighbour's lawn was sentenced to house arrest in a Sarnia court today.

At one point during the four-hour confrontation, she hit him with a beer bottle, which left a bleeding gash on his head.

The couple admitted using cocaine that evening. The man also drank beer but testified neither substance affected his actions.

The confrontation took place in several rooms of their Sarnia home, including the kitchen, where the couple faced each other holding knives. At another point they were in a jacuzzi together.

The husband's concern about his wife's infidelity led to the confrontation, said his defence lawyer. It ended when she bolted naked from the home with her husband chasing her and pinning her to the ground on a neighbour's front lawn.

The man told the neighbour that everything was fine, but the neighbour proceeded to call 911.