Sunday, May 11, 2008

seeping through the cracks

a) My Life cereal briefly resembled an Asian symbol when it was drenched in soy milk.

b) It seems so long ago when I was in Guelph. It was safe in there.

c) I laugh when I'm supposed to cry, and I'm grateful for that, but shouldn't be.

d) Do other people see most things as means to an end?

e) I like that nervous feeling of the unknown; it reminds me that my emotions exist.

f) Passion is underrated.

g) I have a vivid, recurring memory of my father buying me a blue hard plastic Minnie Mouse lunchbox when I was in Kindergarten.

h) Think of the day when seeing Radiohead live is no longer an option. Scary.

i) I truly love my dad with all my heart.

j) I am giving my mom a hug when she gets home.

k) I want to live like Marie and Marie

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