Saturday, May 3, 2008

blood vessels are eating my corneas

I have discovered I have corneal neovascularization (Pannus), basically growth of new blood vessels into the cornea, that can result in serious vision problems if left in later stages. Due to my irresponsible wear/use of contact lenses when I was younger and maybe perhaps even still, this condition could have reached significant negative levels if I hadn't been informed of it while at my first day of work at a laser eye clinic recently. I am utterly shocked that my optometrist never explained how fucked up my eyes were and made me change the type of contacts I was wearing or explained to me the dangers of wearing the lenses for extended periods of time. No more contacts unless they are completely necessary in certain contexts (such as work). Now, through my own research I have discovered Pannus can cause increased bleeding during eye surgery and longer healing time as well as inflammation. I am scared! I just wish I didn't have to wait 3 more months to get corrective surgery, as this would solve my contact lense abuse issue and at least let my eyes have some O2. I am sorry eyeballs; I love you.

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