Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's Evolution, Baby

Sorry folks, time to give up the fantasy. It is ironic, however, that even after all these years the evolutionary research leaders Peter and Rosemary Grant seemed as happy and monogomous as Diplozoon paradoxum when I saw their public lecture on Darwin's finches. Click here for New York Times article on Faithfulness as a Fantasy.

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Vancity Chris said...

Really interesting article LJ! That being said, I'm not sure how perscriptive the activities of other species should be for our own . Consider a couple of examples:

A male lion will take over another pride by killing all the other cubs from previous mates.
(can we imagine a step dad killing all his step kids so only "his" children survive)

Sexual cannibalism of the praying mantis. (though I've heard that this recorded much more often in lab setting rather than in the natural environment)

Some plants make you break out into a rash just by touching them. (insert saucy joke here)

Another source of knowledge may be helpful as well. In a Christian worldview, all people are created in "the image of God". So whether they consider themselves "religious" or not they have all been created by God (however that works out in terms of evolution) and are therefore to be cared for. That's how you get to Jesus's teaching that we should treat people as we would want ourselves to be treated. I don't think most people (including men if they're really honest) want to be treating as if they can be passed around like objects.

In conclusion: I don't think we should settle for the potential sexuality that was articulated in that paper! (or Freud) ;)