Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Unemployment leads to...

1. A lot of nakedness and solidarity
2. Caesars at anytime of the day
3. Lathering your body and face with coconut oil to bring moisture to an otherwise dry existence
3. Losing all creative insight although the available hours to dedicate to the cause are limitless
4. Attempting script writing with a blank page and blank mind
5. Thinking of Berlin as if it were the first and only love of your life
6. Realizing that Berlin might be, in fact, the second and strongest love of your life
7. An unrivaled esoteric sense of self-deprecation
8. Worrying that these this preposterous beliefs will never stop bubble will never pop

(don't blow it)

1 comment:

Ezgi BIYIKOGLU said...

hahahah I ike that! :) it is very inspiring, I want to be unemployed cha cha!