Monday, January 25, 2010

Kieran Hebden

Four Tet's new album, There is Love in You, was released today and has my ears in a blissful state. Similar to those days when you walk down the street, buy a coffee, browse the antiques market, take a ride up to the top of the (once)highest building, and everyone looks beautiful- regardless of how beautiful they are in reality. Do you have those days? I swear there is no correlation between the general consensus of an individuals' beauty and my perceived beauty of a person on these kind of days. If only I could self-actualize beauty unto myself... Anyways, I suppose these days are negligibly comparable to Four Tet's album in the sense that there is no mistaking the absolute brilliance that radiates from every single second your ears are adjacent to a speaker, ear buds, noise cancelling headphones or whatever your music ear drug of choice may be. Favourite tracks include Sing, Plastic People (below), and Love Cry (the original is better than the Joy Orbison remix in my humble opinion).

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