Monday, December 14, 2009

The Forgotten Borough

I watched this video a couple months ago and recently thought about it again, which evidently means it is worthy of posting here. There really isn't anything crazy or extraordinary about it, just simple, understated beauty at its best; I particularly like the way the video is shot and the location. If your attention span is not suited for the entire twenty-two minute video, please skip to the five minute mark and watch the song Cowboys.

Secret Garden Series: Motel Motel from hoovesontheturf on Vimeo.

I have barely left my bedroom today. It is safe to say that is taking over my life. The Master Music List (no, not a typo- it is most definitely a proper noun) is growing at an exponential rate and hopefully Santa will bring me an additional external hard drive on Christmas morning.

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Chris said...

Hey I can usually guarentee that you've heard any music that comes out several months before I have but have you checked out "The XX" yet? If not check out their song Blood Red Moon on youtube :)


I'm on facebook break till exams are done but will send you a Christmas email soon!